Is it trance?

Yes. Trance is an altered state of consciousness. Not quite wakefulness, not quite sleep. It is a natural mode of mental operation that the average person enters into on their own, many times a day. When your mind wanders, when you daydream, when you focus so intently on a task that you block out everything else around you, you are in varying degrees of trance. Guided trance can be used to access the full capacity of your mind. Some people, and some cultural traditions, use drugs and alcohol to achieve altered states. Hypnosis allows a person to achieve altered, enhanced mental function, without the loss of control that all too often accompanies drugs and alcohol. A trained hypnotist can guide the client into beneficial trance states for personal growth and the achievement of a wide variety of goals. The hypnotists can also train you to induce your own trance, so that you can utilize self-hypnosis for more rapid, and more thorough progress in achieving your goals.