What happens in a session?

The client and hypnotists spend a little time talking, getting acquainted. The process of hypnosis will be explained. You’ll have a chance to ask questions. You will do some simple “parlor games” to test which style of hypnosis will work best. You’ll be given a chance to describe your needs. The hypnotist will ask questions to get a clear picture of your requirements. A plan will be suggested. Client and hypnotist will work together to refine the plan. You’ll be asked to recline in a comfy position. You’ll be induced into a trance state by being asked to progressively relax every part of your body, then led through visualization of a safe, relaxing inner space—almost an inner paradise. Once you’ve quieted your conscious mind, the hypnotist will begin leading your unconscious mind to do the work you’ve come to accomplish. The trance will last from 25-35 minutes, but it will often feel like only a moment. You will gradually be brought back to full awareness of your surroundings and your normal, conscious, waking state.